Sunday, August 31, 2014

a dual post...since i'm lazy.

first - i am highly inspired by Jeanne Bessette the artist.  she has a private facebook group and she is a fabulous teacher of all things related to learning our 'why' of art... her style just speaks to me and i wanted to paint a canvas in her 'style'.  it's very distinctive and i think i captured a small essence of her.  this is 18" x 24", acrylics, inks, watercolor crayons.  title is "ame soeur" which means 'soulmate'.

and #2 - the base layer of this canvas was my bright idea of laying down art masking fluid on a white canvas, and then spraying ink all over it.  i didn't like the way it turned out (because of the ink, not the technique) but i videoed the masking fluid removal which was one of the funnest things EVAH.