Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WHERE in the world....?

Got a comment here on the blog, and a few via facebook, as to where to buy some of my favorite things in the blog post two below. 

With the exception of the Pam Carriker MM Adhesive, all the art supplies should be available at stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, etc, or online at Dick Blick.  (GOSH I love saying that).

The Pam Carriker MM Adhesive is available only at the Interweave store (as far as I've been told) and the link is here:

Pam Carriker MM Adhesive

Beauty Supplies - The Unblemish regimen is available through a consultant, and I have a great one, just contact me here or on facebook or via email (atygar @ (no spaces).

Laura Mercier eyeliner - I haven't had to buy this yet, the one I'm using was a gift.  But I've found it online at Laura Mercier - and have been told you can get it at Macy's at the cosmetic counter.  If you google Laura Mercier Caviar Stick you'll find a ton of hits.

Here is the Laura Mercier site:

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick

The mascara is available at any drugstore or grocery store. EXCEPT, and this is typical for things that I fall in love with - I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE.  I am stressing a bit, because the same brand has a similar one but with a red case.  NOT a huge fan of it - it clumps and dries up too quickly.  I am going to check a larger drugstore and Harmons before completely freaking out.

and I love that nobody picked up on my mistake of where to get my Japanese Cherry Blossom spray.  Not Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Silly Tigger.  Bath and Bodyworks.  LOL 

The leather covers from Oberon available here: (and you should 'like' them on facebook, they do run contests every so often)


I think that's about it - if you can't find anything else, just let me know!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Art On The Beach!

I have been sitting on this exciting news for a while - although a few people did know, because I can't keep something this monumental to myself. 

I will be teaching 2 workshops at the ArtBeach Retreat in Folly Beach, South Carolina!!  The deets are here - Sherri is an amazing artist and I can't wait to 'meet' her for the first time in person.

Early Bird Registration is open - and there are only 25 spots available, so grab it NOW! I promise you a lot of fun and laughter in my workshops...

ArtBeach Retreat 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

my favorite things...

I don't usually push a lot of products, but then I realized that my favorite products ARE my favorites because someone spoke highly of them.  Which meant I tried them and loved them... which means perhaps I should tell YOU about them to see if you'll love them too.

Makes sense, right?

And not just art supplies - I'm talking with anything in my life.  SO you're gonna get a mixed bag of my favorite things... ready?


 Caran D'Ache Watercolor Crayons.  Yum.  Smooth.  Colors are vibrant.  Love.  Worth every penny.  Some things you can get away with a generic or store or 'off' brand, but with watercolor crayons I am a firm believer that the extra cost is worth it.  Someday I will learn how to pronounce the name.

 My favorite mixed media magazine, Cloth, Paper, Scissors.  Beautifully done.

Golden is a great brand of ANYTHING, but I can't always afford it.  But their Titan Buff color is my 'go-to' collage paint.  I like to do my backgrounds and then brayer on some Titan Buff... I also use this as the base for skin color.  My business cards are from and again, worth every single penny.  Quality unsurpassed.  Easy to design. 

Pam Carriker's Mixed Media Adhesive.  I use this for all my collage work - love the matte finish it leaves.  Great for avoiding bubbling and I love the workable finish.  I remember being on my facebook mixed media page and typing in the name of this product, and lo and behold Pam's name linked as a member.  We became fb friends - she's an awesome artist and when the Interweave store was out of her product I knew exactly who to run to.  :-)

Oh my.  How did he get in here?  Be still my heart... <3

 Uniball Signo pen - white.  LOVE this.  My Mel sent it to me and I'll never use another. 

WHITE gesso.  OMGosh, how much do I love white gesso? I've been told that the Golden brand is far superior, but with that comes the price tag - and I've done fine with the Liquitex brand.  It covers a multitude of errors... I use it in almost everything I do.  I even use it as the liquid medium with my watercolor crayons... buffing it into the color with a cloth.

 Prismacolor Markers.  My Schnauz gifted a set to me a couple of Beach Crops ago and I've never looked back.  I'm not a Copic kind of girl - I have them, and I like them, but my Prisma's are my marker of choice.

Beauty Supplies:

Unblemish.  By Rodan and Fields.  I am 55 years old, and have had acne since I was 13.  NOTHING cleared me up, and I've tried every product on the market.  Unblemish has given me the clear skin that I've always dreamed of.  Anyone interested in this product, message me on fb or email - for ordering info. 

Burt's Bees lip stuff! Yay!! Love this - love the light tint it leaves.  And my hair doesn't stick to it when it's windy.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto. Been using this mascara for a couple of years now, first one I've ever LOVED.

Laura Mercier eyeliner.  OMGosh.  I got this from one of my Brave Girl Camp roomies in a 'my favorite things' swap and it is truly now one of my favorite things.  I have searched my entire life for a pencil eyeliner that didn't come off with the excessive oil on my eyelids.  I finally found one.  It looks the same at 7pm as it did at 7am.  

China Glaze nail polish.  Scrumptious colors and goes on well, doesn't get thick and yucky too quickly like other brands.

Oh dear.  Did he get back in here AGAIN???

Revlon Color Stay Pressed Powder.  LOVE.  Lasts a LONG time on my face.  Since I don't wear any foundation, I like the smooth coverage this gives me.

Bigelow Lip Tint #1139.  My Dofey hooked me on this at the Ascary Doll House Crop in Gettysburg PA a few years ago.  Love the gloss and the tint, just have to remember not to wear this on windy days.

Bath & BodyWorks - Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray.  Been wearing this scent for so many years that I've seen the bottle change its design at least 3 times if not more.  It's all I wear... so if you've smelled me and you liked it, this is it. 

 A few extras that I've thought of...

Bic Wite-Out runner.  Love. 

Paper Mate Profile pen.  Blue.  Yum. 

Seriously, again?

Oberon Design Covers.  Covers for everything, all your electronic devices, plus purses, jewelry... just scrumptious.  Handmade, made with exquisite detail.   Worth EVERY PENNY.

My cover for my Nook:

SO, there you have it.  A few of my favorite things... hope you enjoyed, and if you have any questions on finding any of these items, let me know!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

good feeling...

It's Thursday.  I worked until 5, stopped to get a pizza (which is our normal dinner on Thursdays), came home, ate, straightened up the house a bit, did my grocery list for tomorrow, helped hubby with some paperwork... and then... I arted.  Which sounds WAY too close to 'I farted', but trust me, I didn't.  I arted. 

This is most unusual for me - my creating times are almost always on the weekends. During the week at night I may sketch or doodle in front of the tv, but I'm not flinging paint in the studio. 

But I'm doing Book Of Days with Effy Wild, and it's getting me ARTING.  And the most amazing thing happened - I set aside 30 minutes and just DID it.  I turned on my Ott light, opened some paints and went willy-nilly on my BOD.

BOD meaning Book Of Days.  Not MY bod.  :D

One of the most rewarding things about it was making my first spread in an art journal that I MADE MYSELF FROM SCRATCH.  This just made it all the more special...

I have two BOD's at the moment, the first volume is the book I made and bound myself, and the second volume is an altered hardcover book.  With that one I pulled a book from my stash from garage sales, and started painting - and when I looked at the spine of the book I realized the title of it was... ready?  "BOOK OF DAYS".  HOW freaky is that???   I tore out some of the inside pages to make room for bulkiness and started gesso-ing what was left.  I pierced the binding and threaded a ribbon through it for closure. 

If this sounds interesting to you - it JUST started - here's a link:  (use iheartyou for $20.00 off!)
Wild Soul Arts - Book Of Days 2013

This is a work in progress - I'm just so tickled i got this far!!

My altered book for volume 2

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

saying a fond farewell...

to my 2012 Word.  Badassery. It served me well.

I loved this word so much that I considered keeping it for 2013.  But something inside me made me choose another more appropriate word for what 2013  is going to bring.

But I digress.

I need to close out my year of Badassery, by honoring this word and what it meant in my life this past year.

Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck.
I don't know how awestruck I rendered anyone, but I awed MYSELF a few times.   I felt like this word was calling for me to be brave without blinking an eye.  So I slipped on my brave girl boots, a dozen bangle bracelets, my ripped jeans, let my long hair hang free and went out to conquer the world in a true badass style.

While there are many things during the year that I'm sure qualified as badassery, two things stand out in my mind as life changing.

In the early spring I taught an online art class - I Doodle, Do You? - and LOVED every single moment of it.  Loved taping it, loved editing it, loved talking about it, loved promoting it - met SOOOO many incredible people along the way.  I followed it up with I Doodle Too, Two, 2, another excellent experience. 

(Shameless plug - classes are still running, available forever, work at your own pace - see the tab above titled "online classes".)

During the summer I made the decision to take a Tigger-Road-Trip.  I'd been joking about it for YEARS with my Texan friends, and decided it doesn't get much more badassery than that.  (for me anyway).  I am 55 years old and it was time for me to take a trip all  by myself, for myself.  So I pushed da buttons, booked plane tickets, train tickets, looked at maps, checked with my friends on dates... set up dinners, hotel... all by MYSELF.  

And from November 6th to November 11th I was a rockstar - I had the BEST TIME... every single moment is burned in my memory and will live there forever. 

SO yeah - 2012 was a badass year - and I loved every moment.  

Bring it on, 2013 - bring it on - FIRE baby! Fire...