Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WHERE in the world....?

Got a comment here on the blog, and a few via facebook, as to where to buy some of my favorite things in the blog post two below. 

With the exception of the Pam Carriker MM Adhesive, all the art supplies should be available at stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, etc, or online at Dick Blick.  (GOSH I love saying that).

The Pam Carriker MM Adhesive is available only at the Interweave store (as far as I've been told) and the link is here:

Pam Carriker MM Adhesive

Beauty Supplies - The Unblemish regimen is available through a consultant, and I have a great one, just contact me here or on facebook or via email (atygar @ (no spaces).

Laura Mercier eyeliner - I haven't had to buy this yet, the one I'm using was a gift.  But I've found it online at Laura Mercier - and have been told you can get it at Macy's at the cosmetic counter.  If you google Laura Mercier Caviar Stick you'll find a ton of hits.

Here is the Laura Mercier site:

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick

The mascara is available at any drugstore or grocery store. EXCEPT, and this is typical for things that I fall in love with - I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE.  I am stressing a bit, because the same brand has a similar one but with a red case.  NOT a huge fan of it - it clumps and dries up too quickly.  I am going to check a larger drugstore and Harmons before completely freaking out.

and I love that nobody picked up on my mistake of where to get my Japanese Cherry Blossom spray.  Not Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Silly Tigger.  Bath and Bodyworks.  LOL 

The leather covers from Oberon available here: (and you should 'like' them on facebook, they do run contests every so often)


I think that's about it - if you can't find anything else, just let me know!


  1. Have you tried ULTA for the mascara? Love the favorite things!!

  2. Thanks for the updates Sandi, see you in BOD :)

  3. ohh ohh i found the mascara at target in PA, check yours out !