Saturday, December 29, 2012

book of days... bookbinding!

I am about to start Book Of Days with Effy Wild.  Very excited about it, and was stoked to be able to learn how to do bookbinding in Boot Camp on Wild Soul Arts.  I have been wanting to learn this art for a LONG time but was intimidated.  Watching Effy do it step by step made it less ascary...

Gathered my supplies, watched the videos and ... voila.  My own art journal, ready to start the class....

I realized too late that the ribbon closure would cover my 'book of days' writing, but oh well, I'll have to live with it.  And yes, the eyes are a photocopy of my Serenity drawing... 

and ...  I didn't even bleed on it.


that's her name.  I see serenity in her face, her eyes...

The other night I felt like creating, but didn't feel like getting out all my markers... I felt a call to just use my pencil and white bristol paper... and of course my kneadable eraser.  (best.invention.evah.)

Sometimes it's good to get back to basics.  Keeps you grounded in the important foundations.

Serenity emerged quickly.  She must have been chomping at the bit to get out of my fingers and soul.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

35 years.

This is going to be one of those 'life' posts where I throw in a little art at the end just so I can justify talking about life on an artsy blog.

When I was 8 years old, my father was killed in a fire on Christmas Eve.

That pretty much took care of the Christmas Spirit for me - I have not been a fan of this holiday since then.  I fake it yearly, and some years I don't even fake it WELL.  I tend to become whiny and bitchy - bah humbug to the max.  I feel sorry for myself and wallow in self-pity.  Toss in years of alcoholism, and you pretty much have an idea of what my Christmas's were like.

From the years of 8 until 20, I was under my mother's roof and did what she requested of me on Christmas.  Wasn't the happiest of times for her either, and she shared her birthday with Christmas Day.  But we'd visit relatives and friends, have company...

The moment I got married, and moved into my own home, I decreed that I would not leave my house on December 25th.  My family and my  in-laws came to US.  It became our norm.  It also allowed me to start drinking in the morning, without having to worry about getting somewhere other than my couch.

For 35 years I did not step into a vehicle, or leave the general vicinity of my home on Christmas Day.  My friends knew that if invited to their homes, I wouldn't come.  The exception to this was walking next door to our neighbor's home for drinks and prezzies.  With my house in my line of sight, I was fine with that.

I cannot totally explain WHY I couldn't leave, and by the end of the 35 years it was certainly a COULDN'T not a wouldn't.  It owned me.  I think deep down I felt that if I left, I wouldn't come back.  My father didn't come back.

Sobriety didn't change this obsession with staying home.  

This year I wanted, truly WANTED to change my attitude toward this holiday.  I was coasting on a cloud of serenity for weeks prior.  The hurricane, its devastating  aftermath... the horrific shooting in Connecticut, both played a part in giving me a wake-up call.   That others had it so much worse than I did.  That if I stepped back and looked at my life, what was there to complain about? Absolutely nothing.

And I rode that serenity cloud into December 25th.  Which was a Tuesday this year.  My favorite AA meeting is my Tuesday  night meeting.  This is my home group, and just a magical meeting.  And they were having the meeting... which I normally never would have considered attending on this day of 'never leaving my house'.

But the thought was in my head all day long - and by evening when my family left I knew I needed to be at this meeting.  My soul was calling out for it - and I knew the only way to shut it up was to give it what it needed.

Without a thought I ran a brush through my hair, pulled on my boots and coat... mittens... grabbed my purse and keys and walked outside my house.  And about halfway down the sidewalk, the shakes started.   I almost dropped my keys, that's how hard my  hands were shaking.  I was starting to gulp air... and about the time I opened my car door, I was in a full blown panic attack.  I sat in my car, started it up... and said hello to the first attack I'd had in months... I acknowledged it, I accepted it, and I ignored it. 

The enormity of what I had just done slammed into me like a mack truck.  I left the house.  I left my street.  I couldn't see my  house anymore.  I shook.  I vibrated.  I hyperventilated.

I walked into that beloved church basement, looked at the few people that were there, people that I love and trust with all my heart... and the shakes stopped.  I shared that evening about what I did, about breaking 35 years of chains.  There were tears from some of my friends as I spoke, but I didn't cry.

I didn't cry until I got back in my car at the end of the hour.  I proceeded to cry and shake my way home.  Relief?  Fear?  Who knows.

But I made it home.  I didn't fail to come back.  I came back home.  Those chains don't own me anymore.

and here.   Here's a snowman I made for my sister-in-law.  ;-)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

i am not a mother...

i never have been, i never will be.  i do not know what a mother's love feels like.  i only know what i've been told - that it's deeper than any other love, that it never ends, that it's unconditional. 

i don't know what kind of unimaginable pain it must be to lose a child.  i can't compare it to anything in my life. 

i do know that i was deeply saddened and horrified by the killing of 20 small children this past friday.  my heart ached for them, and for the parents they left behind. 

last night i grabbed my sketchbook and pencil and drew what i was feeling inside my soul.  godspeed...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

addiction. art journaling in the round...

no, not that kind.  although there's been plenty of that in my life.  LOL  no, addicted to circles, mandalas and art journaling... something I NEVER liked doing before. 

I wrote out my daily affirmations in a circle.  they just flowed... a touch of color, and VOILA.  Done.

This is what it says inside the circle:

i am enough. i am brave. i am me. i am strong. i am authentic. i am ready. i am an artist. i am awesome. i believe in godwinks. i am filled with gratitude. i love to laugh. i am a reflection of my friends. i choose to surround myself with love, laughter and people who are filled with life. i need daily conscious contact with my higher power. i try to create art every day. i am blessed beyond belief. i am me just me only me and nobody else. i take one day at a time and at the end of the day i give thanks. i am a work in progress and i must remember to claim progress not perfection. i like to surround myself with strong confident women. i treasure silence. i value my spirituality and sobriety over any material possession. i hope to bring light to darkness and joy to sadness. i am a brave girl and a rebel thriver. i believe love filled hugs are a gift from god. god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Of Days...

I have been very privileged to become friends with the amazing Effy Wild... and I am looking forward to her Book Of Days class starting at the end of the month...

Use code iheartyou at checkout for $20.00 off... so the entire class is only $40.00!!!!

Click me to learn about Book Of Days with Effy!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012


I'm hooked.  I have an addictive personality to begin with (stop rolling your eyes) and I do tend to obsess and become consumed with things.  (stop laughing at me)

I won a spot in Dion Dior's Wisdom Circles class.  There's a button to the right somewhere ----> you can click it to get more info.

I've been intrigued with mandalas for a while now, and the class came at the perfect time.

I'm just starting out, just learning... but enjoying it SO much. Excellent meditation...

These are my dream mandalas.. I have a repeating image that comes out - flame, wings and eyes...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Word... 2013

For many years my friends and I have chosen a word for the year, and then do our best to LIVE that word.  I always chose very safe words - like 'focus' or 'create'... and then for 2012 I got serious (seriously CRAZY) and chose... "Badassery".

That was the best word EVAH - and I lived it all year long.  This has been one badass year.  I think every single person should choose Badassery at least once in their lifetime...

Since I enjoyed my word so much this year, I didn't want a 'let down' for 2013.  I wanted to keep the momentum going.  I thought and thought... and kept getting drawn to the word "fire".  For most of my adult life I have felt like there was a flame inside my soul.  I can see it, I can feel it.  There have been many times that I felt that flame was being dimmed - by myself, by my alcoholism, by other people and situations.

I kept letting other people control my flame. 

No more.

Instead of accepting someone or something trying to dim that flame, I will fight to keep it burning.  I will surround myself with faith in a higher power, sobriety,  the love of family and friends, people that will add kindling to that flame, not try to snuff it out.  I will not sabotage myself or my flame with thoughts of  "I can't" or "I'm not good enough" or "Why bother"...

Watch out 2013 - cuz... this girl is on fire

Sunday, November 25, 2012

what did i get myself into????

each year good friends of ours host a wonderful Christmas Party.  The hostess is an angel freak - so for years I bought her an angel ornament.  Then I started getting my creative thang going, and started making her angels. 

Here are a couple of examples of what I've made her in the past:

so this year I couldn't figure out what I was going to make her.  I felt like I used up all my good ideas. 

For some reason I decided that working with paper clay, a face mold and wire would make a delightful angel.

What was I thinking?????

I really should have  had more of a plan in place.  Playing with unknown things is fun, but not as fun when you're under the gun to give a gift.  And definitely not as fun when you have NO idea what the end result will be.

I have visions of buying an ornament in WalMart on our way to the party...

So I'm in the studio - playing... swearing... laughing... and I think a tear or two has been shed.

This is the WIP... I'm envisioning her laying in a raised textured bed of spackle.  All stark white behind her... and the wire embedded in the spackle. 

wish me LUCK.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm... awesome?????

The other night at a meeting while pouring a cup of cawfee, one of the girls I know, and also facebook friends with, said to me "Sandi - I read you on facebook all the time and you are always saying how AWESOME you are... how come you do that... it's kinda weird..."

I think I had the "deer in the headlights" look on my face because she quickly laughed like she was joking.

There is enough of the old Sandi left in me that I immediately wanted to whip out my phone and peruse my facebook wall to see if I actually DID what she claimed I did.   I spent a good 3 minutes wracking my brain trying to remember if I had even USED the word awesome recently.

I smiled back at her and said "I don't do that! But I AM awesome..." and I laughed.

Of course, I did look on my facebook wall at all my posts for the past umpteen years and with the exception of some of the funny quotes and ecards from Pinterest, I didn't see any posts by me saying I was awesome.  It's not something that would fall naturally out of my fingertips.

Another friend mentioned that by me reposting Sherri's gorgeous jewelry creations and saying "someone should buy me this" I was being very obnoxious and always looking for free stuff.  (that friend also got the deer in the headlight look)

I thought my friends knew me better than to think that way about me - 99% of what I post is said very tongue in cheek, with a hint of humor and a whole lot of self-deprecation.  (And the whole point of me reposting Sherri's work is to lead my friends to her website so that they too can become addicted to buying her jewelry.)

Which made me wonder why they would say something like that... and BAM... there was the old Sandi mentality rearing it's ugly head.

Repeat after me... It is NONE of my business what other people think about me.  I spent a lifetime worrying about what people were thinking and saying about me, and while that's not what drove me to drink, it certainly stoked the fire. 

I put their comments out of my head, although as you can tell by my needing to post this, that a little hurt still holds on.  So since this is my version of journaling, I'm journaling out that  hurt.

And dammit, for the past 3 years, Brave Girls Club has drilled into my head DAILY that I AM awesome. That I AM enough. That I AM brave.  That I AM good.  That I AM strong. That I AM beautiful.

And that daily affirmation helped bring a self esteem that was lower than snail snot, up to a level that has brought confidence to my soul.  And I refuse to let anyone steal my sparkle.

Spanks for listening.  That needed to come out... xoxo

small business Saturday!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


The Random.Org random number generator chose "MC"'s comment... Congratulations!  

 MC  November 16, 2012 1:31 PM
If I knew that there was no way I would fail, I would probably go searching for a new job and move somewhere new and make a fresh start. I dream of living near the ocean or in a big city...but I find myself often approaching life from a place of fear, which makes these things seem impossible.

MC - please contact me at atygar @ (remove spaces) with your contact info! 

I have ONE thing to say to every single one of you - in the words of Melody Ross...

DO IT ANYWAY.   I saw a whole lotta need for Soul Restoration in these comments - most definitely SR2 - which taught me a lot about identifying my goals, and then GOING AFTER them.  

What's the worst that can happen if you Do It Anyway?  It doesn't work? Oh well, at least you TRIED.  At least you won't regret WONDERING and never DOING.  You can say "I tried."  And you know what?  It just might turn out perfectly.  But you'll never know if you don't TRY.  

Do It Anyway.  The most powerful lesson I learned from Melody, SR1 and Brave Girls.  

Spank  you all for your comments, and for playing along... and hi to my new followers, hopefully you'll stick around!!!!



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

one more day...

Hoping everyone reading this has posted a comment on the blog post below, to be eligible for the giveaway!

Let me just say, I own this book and it takes my breath away every time I open it.  It has brought me to tears more than once.  It has also given me smiles... I truly loved every page - and will continue to love it for the rest of my life.

A life that has been made much MUCH better because of Brave Girls...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Giveaway!!! Yay!

You know how I get when I get excited.  I bounce (yes, just like a tigger), and I say 'Yay' a LOT.  Well, I'm bouncing and yaying all over the dang place.

I have the coolest giveaway... a copy of Melody Ross's amazing book 'A Little Bird Told Me', a collection of Melody's beloved Little Bird daily truth messages.

 If you are a Brave Girl, you are well aware of the daily Little Bird emails - I love them, and I can't tell you how often over the past few years I've actually emailed Melody and Kathy to ask them if they somehow planted a hidden camera in my home... so many times that Little Birdie hit that nail right on the head.

If you aren't aware of Brave Girls Club, then you really need to be...

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, it changed my life.  The woman you see today is a very different woman than the one that existed (and I mean the word existed literally) prior to 2009.  As I indicated in my 'about me' page here on My Brave Soul, many things came together to create the Sandi you know today.  Brave Girls Club, Melody and Kathy played a major role in that perfect storm.

Just so you know, just typing the word storm and sandi in the same paragraph gave me izzures.

Going to Brave Girls Camp was a dream come true... if you've ever wondered what it's all about, you can read my Camp story here... 

So now for the giveaway part.  In order to be eligible to win, you must leave a comment here answering this question:

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? 

For an extra entry - link my blog on facebook and/or twitter, and leave me another comment here telling me that you've done that.  

And for an even MORE extra entry, start following my blog and again, leave me a comment here that you are a new follower!

The winner will be randomly drawn on Thanksgiving Day.  Make sure you give me your contact information in your comment!

Friday, November 9, 2012

wow, where have i been?

good question. 

i see my last post was 10/29.  which was the day Sandy was starting her journey into NJ.  That evening around 8pm we lost power, and as of today, 11/9, we still don't have that restored.  it's been challenging to say the least. 

The first 24 hours or so we were just shell-shocked.  we were completely cut off from the outside world, no electricity, no phone, and cell service was non-existent for us.  We were lucky that only one tree came down, and never made it to the ground below, it got hung up on the tree next to it.  and even if it had fallen, it probably wouldn't have hit anything except maybe a bench. yes, there were tons of leaves, branches, twigs and pine needles all over my deck and yard - but that was a purely cosmetic cleanup. 

So many others were horrifically affected.  Houses lost, cars lost, lives lost. 

I was so concerned about our beloved Pennington - the Lavallette beach house... but I am happy to report that it is still standing, and other than a wet basement, some sand and a completely sand covered/destroyed landscaping, it was unscathed.  Reports say could be 8 months before people can even begin restoration.  This breaks my heart, but at least it's still there.  So many right around it washed away, or burned down.

Around day 2 the realization of the severity of damage around NJ set in.  we hadn't been able to see any news reports, which was almost a blessing.  but when we got in the truck to venture out, the damage took our breath away.  closed roads, trees down everywhere, poles down, wires all over the road... EVERYWHERE. 

Slowly our cell service came back, and I was able to get into the office on Thursday once power was restored there.  Was able to access email and touch base with friends. 

It was right around this point that the tears started - and the emotions bubbled to the surface.  trying to not feel sorry for myself, i kept thinking about all those that had it worse than us.  but the tears kept coming, thinking of people that lost it all... how does one come back from that?????

yes, the cold darkness was wearing on us - we have a woodstove, so we were warm during the waking hours.  we have running water, even though there is no HOT water.  I washed up with a pot of water warmed on the woodstove.  I cooked on the grill - our refrigerator being run every so often by a small generator. 

We had gas lines that made 1974 look like a joke.  you can't get into the laundromats, they are jammed.  food stores are on half power or closed, and you can't get anything fresh...

by day 8 of no power we were miserable.  ok, I was miserable.  hb is a survivalist, and was in his glory.  to each his own.  I took off for texas on day 9 of no power, with just a TAD bit of guilt leaving loved ones behind to cope with everything. 

Texas has been a whole 'nother story - here now and loving every minute. 

Sunday I go back to NJ, a state that is torn apart with damage like i've never seen in my entire life.  it will take years to come back from this. 

and i'm really praying hard that there is power at my house when i get there.  because it's a MESS and there will be 2 weeks worth of laundry waiting for me. 

i pray for all the people affected by this storm.  

and if i don't get into my studio soon i will implode.  that is all. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

happy halloween...

this is just creepy enough that it's perfect for Halloween...

this is a tiny canvas - 5x7 - covered in spackle, polymer clay push mold faces, tons of paint and topped with beeswax that was tinted with perfect pearls - copper. 



playing with different mediums today during Hurricane Sandy... this is an 8x10 flat canvas panel.  I made three dragonflies with a push mold and polymer clay.  Once they were baked, I spread spackle over most of the canvas, and dragged a line maker thingy through it.  (very technical term).  I put a little crystal glaze on the backs of the hardened clay and pressed it into the spackle.  Then I spread some spackle along the edges of the squares.  Those suckers aren't going anywhere! LOL

I painted the entire thing with white gesso, then did the dragonfly squares with shimmery watercolors.  Covered the rest of the piece with a matte medium... and I'm calling it done.  Much starker than I normally do - but I like it!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

i hope you dance...

a canvas (8x10) flat panel, that I started at the beach, and finished today.  Sold already...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

the one in which...

The one in which Blanche dyes her hair brown, gets a rescue dog and insists on doing another 'name' contest...

Meet Blanche's dog.  She is a rescue mutt from the local shelter... but she needs a name! She's a sweetheart, and she KNOWS she's fabulous, just like Blanche does - they are a match made in Heaven.  (aside from the fact that the dog has a red streak JUST like hers)

So once again, we're back to names.  Please post a comment here, or on the facebook post that I will start, telling me what name you think Blanche's new dog should have. 

The winner, chosen by Blanche, will receive a Blanche print - the Blanche of their choice. 

If you want to see other Blanche's - click the tab above that says 'Blanche Sez'. 

Winner will be chosen tomorrow evening, Sunday, around dinnertime - provided Sandy doesn't knock out my power by then. 

Spanks all!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

so yeah... i cried.

I abandoned 4 or 5 small pieces of beach art this past weekend in Lavallette.  There is a pic of one of them in a post below.  I forgot to take shots of the others.

I used seashells, and driftwood... polymer clay, paint, inks... just small trinkets that said 'brave' and 'joy'...

I attached my business card on each one - hoping that the person that found the art would contact me.  I explained in a note attached that I was abandoning the art and hoped that the person would enjoy it.

This morning after getting ready for work, I checked my email... and found this:

Sandi - I'm writing this email for my mom.  She was unable to contact you herself.   She was so lucky to be taking a walk on the boardwalk in Lavallette on Sunday, and found a beautiful piece of artwork.  She said it was like finding a message in a bottle.  She will always treasure this gift from your heart.   She says.....thank you for making her day!!!   If you feel like you would like to contact her, her email is...

So yeah.  Tears. 

Oh! And I just heard from another!!!  LOVING this!

Hi Sandi!
I found one of your abandoned art pieces last Sunday!  We were down for the weekend checking on our house & decided to walk to the hardware store for light bulbs, when I noticed your art on a bench.  I read your little attached note &  brought it home with me to Cranford, NJ. I 've since visited your web site and love your creative art work.  Anyway, thanks for adding a little surprise to my day...finding the Joy & Dragonfly driftwood put a smile on my face!
I'll bring it back to Lavallette and find special a place for it in my house!
Thanks for sharing your art with a stranger,

and today brought a third!!

Hi Sandi! Yes! I found one of your pieces - the oyster shell with the "Brave" dragonfly - Philly Ave in Lavalette. Actually our 8 year old son found it and wanted to give it to me <3 later in the weekend our 10 year old daughter found another abandoned piece from another artist! It was a magical weekend!

We live in Harrisburg, PA but are in Lavalette every weekend with family who are year-round residents. We have collected so many treasures on the beach and this summer we created an altar of sorts with everything that we found. Although we aren't artists by trade, we're inspired to make our own art and abandon it now too!

Thank you so much! I love my piece!
Sincerely, Shani 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

small faces...

i am a member of a facebook page - magical mixed media, and there are some amazing artists in there. i have gotten such inspiration and met some incredible people.

I became enamored of this one artist's work - Deborah Company - and these cool small faces that she did.  Took her class and created some of my own. WAY out of the box for me - working with clay... but SO fun.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

art abandonment...

i just did my first art abandonment.... that was cool and fun.  but i'm so messed up with stuff like that, that all i did was stalk the bench where I left it.

i saw a woman sitting there, writing something down.  did she take it? don't know.

i know it's gone now.  and now i'm stalking my blog to see if they visit.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

be uncommon...

sometimes the girls have trouble telling me exactly what they want their words to be. 

this girl was one of them.  she kept me up at night, and had me in the studio this morning at 6am... adding to her, changing her, watching her morph beneath my VERY sore fingers... wire work HURTS. 

she stared at me for a while... waiting for me to hear words. 

and finally I heard them.

she is a 12 x 12 stretched canvas - covered first with torn tissue paper, then I brayered on some aqua acrylic paint... and put down her dictionary page face.  I knew I wanted her hair to be curly copper wire, but wasn't sure at first which direction I was going with attachment.  Finally I just.. 'sewed' it through the canvas itself. 

Once the hair was attached, and curled... I decided it didn't show up enough against the aqua - so I added a bit of Titan Buff acrylic paint with a very dry brush. 

That was when I decided her curls weren't tight enough, so BACK in I went with a smaller curler... my little paintbrush.  My fingers were screaming by this point. 

Then she decided she wanted some bling.  So onto the curls went the beads...

I like her.  She's happy being uncommon.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

it's.... a lampshade.

I altered a canvas lampshade.  Isn't that what any normal, sane artist does?  No surface is safe from altering.

Layer after layer of papers, inks, stamps, rubons... and 3 girls.  A blond, a brunette and a redhead...

Friday, September 28, 2012


This post really doesn't have any art attached to it - so I'll probably throw in a photo of something I'm working on just so I can justify a wordy post about life. 

Here -  here's the obligatory art shot of a WIP...

ok, now on to the words.

This morning I was working with my sponsee in a back office prior to the regular meeting.  I sat in a chair that I normally don't sit in, facing a wall I don't normally face.  It was filled with AA slogans.  Most of which I'd heard.  But one in particular resonated with me...

"Alcohol gave me wings to fly, and then it took away the sky."

This came from our Big Book. 

I thought about how true this was, in my case for sure... I thought I had such big dreams when I was drinking - all the things I planned on doing with my life.  And the more I drank, the more solitary I became - and the more SEDENTARY I became.  It was like I stalled in mid-air.  The only dreams I had were of when I could get to my  next glass of wine. 

Now, in sobriety, my dreams have come into full focus.  I know where I want to go, and what I want to achieve, and I'm actually DOING it.  I am no longer cloaked in fear, and my 'sky' is back. 

I chose to take a 'road trip' (although I won't be driving anywhere, I'm still calling it a road trip) to Texas.  Texas holds a great many friends for me.  I stopped counting at 16 people that I'm trying to see while I'm there. 

On November 6th I will get into a plane and fly to Texas.  All by myself (well, except for all the other passengers on the plane).  I booked my own plane tickets, I booked my own train ticket, I booked my own hotel room.  I told my husband, and I told my boss.  There was no discussion about it - it was something I felt I needed to do, and wanted to do, so... I'm doing it.  I will spend 6 days in Texas, split between Austin and Mansfield.  I've got Dawgs, high school friends, Soul Restorations and Brave Girls that I plan on seeing.  I want to explore Austin, I've heard that it's artsy and bohemian and quirky. 

I want to spend some time by myself - doing a lot of meditation and soul searching.  It's something I need to do. 

And now with a clear head, I can recognize that I 'need' to do this for myself. 

Prior to AA, and Brave Girls Club, this would never have happened.  Perhaps I'm finally growing up to be... that girl I was supposed to be. 

Spanks for listening. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

kiss me...

I giggled my way through this entire drawing.  Even her lipstick is smudged... ;-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

outside the box

to me, one of the best ways to live is 'outside the box'.  live just a little 'left' of normal.  or right.  whichever your heart desires.

blanche likes to live outside the box. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

people will stare.

My latest project. This is a 12x12 stretched canvas. The background is tissue paper, and watercolors. A little crackle paint, some walnut ink... markers. The face is cut from dictionary paper. Her 'hair' is ribbon, wire, and just about every adornment I could pull out of my collection.

This girl speaks to my heart. I knew when I read this quote on pinterest yesterday that I had to do something with it.

Much of my personal growth over the past 18 months has been learning to accept who I am, and what makes ME happy. That what other people think of me is none of my business. And if they want to stare at me - let 'em.