Thursday, November 22, 2012


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 MC  November 16, 2012 1:31 PM
If I knew that there was no way I would fail, I would probably go searching for a new job and move somewhere new and make a fresh start. I dream of living near the ocean or in a big city...but I find myself often approaching life from a place of fear, which makes these things seem impossible.

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I have ONE thing to say to every single one of you - in the words of Melody Ross...

DO IT ANYWAY.   I saw a whole lotta need for Soul Restoration in these comments - most definitely SR2 - which taught me a lot about identifying my goals, and then GOING AFTER them.  

What's the worst that can happen if you Do It Anyway?  It doesn't work? Oh well, at least you TRIED.  At least you won't regret WONDERING and never DOING.  You can say "I tried."  And you know what?  It just might turn out perfectly.  But you'll never know if you don't TRY.  

Do It Anyway.  The most powerful lesson I learned from Melody, SR1 and Brave Girls.  

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  1. MC....congratulations! Your dream CAN be your reality. I agree with Sandi....Soul Restoration 1 and 2 are life altering. Melody helps us to see that the impossible is only the blocks we put up in our paths ourselves. We learned through the course how to build our inner and outer bravery, clear the blocks from our paths and just "do it anyway".
    I wish you all the best and hope to bump into you along the beach : )

  2. Congratulations "MC"! Allow the words in Melody's book to soak into your heart, mind and soul! Follow your dreams, and when fear comes knocking, "Do it Anyway"! Wishing you all the very best! Hugs, S xox

  3. Congrats MC!!! Chase your dream and grab it!!! Sandi, beautiful, true words, sweet friend. <3

  4. Thank you SO MUCH! I feel so blessed!