Friday, November 9, 2012

wow, where have i been?

good question. 

i see my last post was 10/29.  which was the day Sandy was starting her journey into NJ.  That evening around 8pm we lost power, and as of today, 11/9, we still don't have that restored.  it's been challenging to say the least. 

The first 24 hours or so we were just shell-shocked.  we were completely cut off from the outside world, no electricity, no phone, and cell service was non-existent for us.  We were lucky that only one tree came down, and never made it to the ground below, it got hung up on the tree next to it.  and even if it had fallen, it probably wouldn't have hit anything except maybe a bench. yes, there were tons of leaves, branches, twigs and pine needles all over my deck and yard - but that was a purely cosmetic cleanup. 

So many others were horrifically affected.  Houses lost, cars lost, lives lost. 

I was so concerned about our beloved Pennington - the Lavallette beach house... but I am happy to report that it is still standing, and other than a wet basement, some sand and a completely sand covered/destroyed landscaping, it was unscathed.  Reports say could be 8 months before people can even begin restoration.  This breaks my heart, but at least it's still there.  So many right around it washed away, or burned down.

Around day 2 the realization of the severity of damage around NJ set in.  we hadn't been able to see any news reports, which was almost a blessing.  but when we got in the truck to venture out, the damage took our breath away.  closed roads, trees down everywhere, poles down, wires all over the road... EVERYWHERE. 

Slowly our cell service came back, and I was able to get into the office on Thursday once power was restored there.  Was able to access email and touch base with friends. 

It was right around this point that the tears started - and the emotions bubbled to the surface.  trying to not feel sorry for myself, i kept thinking about all those that had it worse than us.  but the tears kept coming, thinking of people that lost it all... how does one come back from that?????

yes, the cold darkness was wearing on us - we have a woodstove, so we were warm during the waking hours.  we have running water, even though there is no HOT water.  I washed up with a pot of water warmed on the woodstove.  I cooked on the grill - our refrigerator being run every so often by a small generator. 

We had gas lines that made 1974 look like a joke.  you can't get into the laundromats, they are jammed.  food stores are on half power or closed, and you can't get anything fresh...

by day 8 of no power we were miserable.  ok, I was miserable.  hb is a survivalist, and was in his glory.  to each his own.  I took off for texas on day 9 of no power, with just a TAD bit of guilt leaving loved ones behind to cope with everything. 

Texas has been a whole 'nother story - here now and loving every minute. 

Sunday I go back to NJ, a state that is torn apart with damage like i've never seen in my entire life.  it will take years to come back from this. 

and i'm really praying hard that there is power at my house when i get there.  because it's a MESS and there will be 2 weeks worth of laundry waiting for me. 

i pray for all the people affected by this storm.  

and if i don't get into my studio soon i will implode.  that is all. 


  1. Omg Sandy, so glad to hear from you and know you are safe. We saw lots of reports on our news in the UK.

    Someone I know locally was in New York at the time, and you have never seen such selfish rantings from her, because there was no power in the hotel she was transfered to and she couldnt get home when she wanted. I was so angry thinking about those who had lost their homes and lives.

    Hope you have power on your return and can get to the studio, thoughts with you xxx

  2. I have been thinking about you and praying. I can't imagine the devastation, Sandy!! Big hugs and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there, girl!! YOU ARE STRONG AND BRAVE!!!!!!!!