Saturday, October 27, 2012

the one in which...

The one in which Blanche dyes her hair brown, gets a rescue dog and insists on doing another 'name' contest...

Meet Blanche's dog.  She is a rescue mutt from the local shelter... but she needs a name! She's a sweetheart, and she KNOWS she's fabulous, just like Blanche does - they are a match made in Heaven.  (aside from the fact that the dog has a red streak JUST like hers)

So once again, we're back to names.  Please post a comment here, or on the facebook post that I will start, telling me what name you think Blanche's new dog should have. 

The winner, chosen by Blanche, will receive a Blanche print - the Blanche of their choice. 

If you want to see other Blanche's - click the tab above that says 'Blanche Sez'. 

Winner will be chosen tomorrow evening, Sunday, around dinnertime - provided Sandy doesn't knock out my power by then. 

Spanks all!


  1. Well done Blanche on adopting a rescue dog. With the exception of the red streak the dog reminds me of one of my late rescue's, so the choice of name just has to be his. I do think Blanche and 'Dave' has a great ring to it?

    1. I just LOVE that dog Sandi! I suggested Beach yesterday. Now I'm thinking Babs.
      Fun, fun!
      Been thinking about you and the weather. Stay safe.

    2. Lynda - Everyone that played along is getting a Blanche print - let me know which Blanche is your favorite and email your contact info to!

  2. Email sent thanks Sandi, now I know were you are then with the stay safe post above.. hope all is well for you.

    But what is the doggie's name to be? x