Saturday, October 13, 2012

art abandonment...

i just did my first art abandonment.... that was cool and fun.  but i'm so messed up with stuff like that, that all i did was stalk the bench where I left it.

i saw a woman sitting there, writing something down.  did she take it? don't know.

i know it's gone now.  and now i'm stalking my blog to see if they visit.


  1. Hi Sandi! Yes! I found one of your pieces - the oyster shell with the "Brave" dragonfly - Philly Ave in Lavalette. Actually our 8 year old son found it and wanted to give it to me <3 later in the weekend our 10 year old daughter found another abandoned piece from another artist! It was a magical weekend!

    We live in Harrisburg, PA but are in Lavalette every weekend with family who are year-round residents. We have collected so many treasures on the beach and this summer we created an altar of sorts with everything that we found. Although we aren't artists by trade, we're inspired to make our own art and abandon it now too!

    Thank you so much! I love my piece!
    Sincerely, Shani

    1. Thank you, Shani! I'm so happy to hear you found the art!! That makes me smile - and I'm glad you enjoyed it. The other artist was with me and we abandoned at different times - how cool that your daughter found hers!!