Sunday, October 7, 2012

be uncommon...

sometimes the girls have trouble telling me exactly what they want their words to be. 

this girl was one of them.  she kept me up at night, and had me in the studio this morning at 6am... adding to her, changing her, watching her morph beneath my VERY sore fingers... wire work HURTS. 

she stared at me for a while... waiting for me to hear words. 

and finally I heard them.

she is a 12 x 12 stretched canvas - covered first with torn tissue paper, then I brayered on some aqua acrylic paint... and put down her dictionary page face.  I knew I wanted her hair to be curly copper wire, but wasn't sure at first which direction I was going with attachment.  Finally I just.. 'sewed' it through the canvas itself. 

Once the hair was attached, and curled... I decided it didn't show up enough against the aqua - so I added a bit of Titan Buff acrylic paint with a very dry brush. 

That was when I decided her curls weren't tight enough, so BACK in I went with a smaller curler... my little paintbrush.  My fingers were screaming by this point. 

Then she decided she wanted some bling.  So onto the curls went the beads...

I like her.  She's happy being uncommon.


  1. LOVE..LOVE..LOVE..LOVE whem I look at her and think about her words it makes me feel happy and hopeful....and that what I do and how I do it should be up to me....NOT the rest of the world! Like : I woman, and I do it differently!

    Once again, Tig, your talent shines!

  2. She is just tooo wild and crazy and truly uncommon. Love.

  3. Absolutely AWESOME!! You are so creative and inspiring! I am in total AWE!!! Love love love <3 !

  4. LOVE her + YOU!
    sending a kiss to your sore fingers!