Tuesday, January 1, 2013

saying a fond farewell...

to my 2012 Word.  Badassery. It served me well.

I loved this word so much that I considered keeping it for 2013.  But something inside me made me choose another more appropriate word for what 2013  is going to bring.

But I digress.

I need to close out my year of Badassery, by honoring this word and what it meant in my life this past year.

Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck.
I don't know how awestruck I rendered anyone, but I awed MYSELF a few times.   I felt like this word was calling for me to be brave without blinking an eye.  So I slipped on my brave girl boots, a dozen bangle bracelets, my ripped jeans, let my long hair hang free and went out to conquer the world in a true badass style.

While there are many things during the year that I'm sure qualified as badassery, two things stand out in my mind as life changing.

In the early spring I taught an online art class - I Doodle, Do You? - and LOVED every single moment of it.  Loved taping it, loved editing it, loved talking about it, loved promoting it - met SOOOO many incredible people along the way.  I followed it up with I Doodle Too, Two, 2, another excellent experience. 

(Shameless plug - classes are still running, available forever, work at your own pace - see the tab above titled "online classes".)

During the summer I made the decision to take a Tigger-Road-Trip.  I'd been joking about it for YEARS with my Texan friends, and decided it doesn't get much more badassery than that.  (for me anyway).  I am 55 years old and it was time for me to take a trip all  by myself, for myself.  So I pushed da buttons, booked plane tickets, train tickets, looked at maps, checked with my friends on dates... set up dinners, hotel... all by MYSELF.  

And from November 6th to November 11th I was a rockstar - I had the BEST TIME... every single moment is burned in my memory and will live there forever. 

SO yeah - 2012 was a badass year - and I loved every moment.  

Bring it on, 2013 - bring it on - FIRE baby! Fire...


  1. Tigs,
    NO ONE does Badassery like you! You absolutely ROCK in my eyes and in my heart <3
    Love ya chickie

  2. You are just the cutest thing! Well done on doing badassery so well!

  3. Badassery=You! You are an amazing, kind, creative, & very talented woman & I look forward to seeing what 2013 brings for you & all of us other Brave Souls. I can honestly say I have been very inspired & in awe struck of you since the first time I saw you(read you).I love following you, & again, I look forward to seeing what this wonderful New Year brings for us.

  4. fantabulastic word for 2012! my badassery has gotten me in a lot of trouble over the years, but loved every minute of it. Hip Hurrah for you. Taking your doodle class and love, love it. thanks. dare i ask your 2013 word or have you already announced it and i missed it? I chose POSITIVE. working with Effy in BOD13 and I thought i saw your name there too? here we go.....

    1. Spank you!! Yes - I'm doing BOD13 with Effy!! And I'm so glad you're enjoying the doodle class... yay!!! I did announce my word a while back - I chose it early. Or I should say, it chose ME early.

      Fire. This girl's on FIRE.