Saturday, February 25, 2012

sun... sun... sun...

can you tell what I'm craving more than anything else?  HOT SUN!  The little sun wasn't working for me... so I doodled a big one.  This one measures 9 x 12 and took approximately 6 hours to complete.  I would doodle and color while watching tv in the evening. 

Next project.... a sun and moon combo.  It's brewing in my mind, and it's clamoring to get out.  The noise in my  head is incredible. 


  1. Hi Sandi - I love your doodles! (hmmm - that sounds kinda dirty... LOL)

    Anyway - your doodle ART is amazing!

    1. spank you Lisa... and I love 'kinda dirty' as you know. LOL xoxo miss you!

  2. Very nice, love the fine detail. Looking forward to your next project.