Sunday, February 12, 2012

doodled alphas.... More Letter Love 101

OMGosh - when I saw the girls posting their doodled alphas, I knew I'd have to skip ahead one lesson to see what these were all about.  They looked SOOOOO freaking cool.  And guess what... they are SOOOOO addicting.  I started out with one letter.

That was way fun.  Then hb wanted to know why I never drew HIS name, so I did his initials.  (HIS choice of colors, not mine)

That was way fun too.  So I did a word... well, I did MY word.  Unfortunately, it was getting late and I went TOO far with shading it.  SO I tried to correct it, but it was not saveable.  So I guess I'll just have to do another.  :-)

and last but not least, I did another word grid, (which I LOVE doing) with one of my birdies and her favorite saying.  

Thanks for looking... and if you leave a comment I will be so freaking excited I may do a nekkid banana dance.  

Wait, I lied - I just finished another one... so I'm adding it to this post.  Here's my Serenity Prayer.. part 2.


  1. The letters are cool. Hb's looks christmasy :) love that birdie!

  2. Sandi
    Love the lettering!! so beautiful!! and I am in love with your birdie and her quote:) Thank you for sharing.

  3. LOVE :-) love LOVE it! Sylvia
    (even tho' Bob's should have said RAT)

  4. Looks like an interesting class...

  5. This lettering is so FUN! You inspired me so this weekend I took out my lettering and doodle books {I have a bunch from the 90's}, my journal and pens and got buys!!! I had a blast. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  6. I love your lettering! Awesome job!

  7. I just want the dance.

    (Okay, okay, I love them too, but really, I want the dance!)

  8. Sandi-I'm in the Letter Love class--and am so glad to come visit your blog! I LOVE your style! And you crack me up!

  9. Your birdie rocks! And seeing your letters makes me excited to get back to Letter Love classes. Your work is gorgeous.