Friday, September 23, 2011


I will be the first to admit that custom work stresses me out to no end.  But I also hate to turn it down... truly one of those rock and hard place issues. 

When someone asks me to create a canvas, that's when I start sweating.  I don't know that this will ever change - I never think I do as well with a custom job.  I think my nerves show through.  I worry to no end that the recipient will be disappointed.  And honestly, would I ever know? What are they going to say? "Wow, Sandi - nice job. Thanks."  In MY mind, they are saying "holy crap - THIS is what I commissioned? I could have handed a three year old a crayon and gotten better work." 

So, while I am SO incredibly honored to be asked to do custom work, just know you are making me twitch.  LOL 

This is an example of one custom job that DIDN'T make me crazy - for some reason it fell together and I like it.  It was commissioned by someone I love very much, for someone SHE loves very much.  The ultimate recipient is a  young person, so it needed to be youthful in design, color and clothing.  I took as much info as I could, and hit the sketchpad... and then the canvas. 

This girl is different than I normally create - I'm much more drawn to darker, more muted colors with a lot of grunge and vintage thrown in.  But I like her.  She makes me smile.  And I hope that the young woman that ends up with this loves it as much as the person giving it to her loves HER. 


  1. if it's the last piece of custom you were working on, I'm gonna call BS on the not stressing you out bit. :) but she is, as all your work is, beautiful !

  2. I love it! And she will love it too - I am sure of it. (sorry if I have ever made you twitch!)

  3. She is darling! I have 7 pieces I am working on right now that have been commissioned. It is soooo nerve wracking but I love it!!!

    Way to go us Brave Girls!

  4. Sandi, she is beautiful!!! I love her!!! Well done!!!

  5. This made me cry tears of JOY!!! I am going to print a picture of her if you do not mind....SHE IS ME!