Saturday, April 7, 2012

'new' old studio...

thursday night hb came in to my studio and said "I think you need more space in here for all your stuff." 

Ya think? LOL  I'm guessing the tilting piles of 'stuff' were getting to him.  Every horizontal (and some vertical) space was FILLED. 

Hey.  Artists need a lot of STUFF. 

That was Thursday night.  Two days later I have a new area, compliments of a very talented hubby that can whip together something out of scrap wood from the crawl space, making a piece of furniture that has changed my studio space for the better. 

Here is the "BEFORE" of the top of my dresser.  This was actually taken over about a year ago - and trust me - things were ADDED to it.  The entire mirror was covered, and there wasn't an inch of space on top of the dresser.  

And now here's the 'in progress'.  I say 'in progress' because there's still lots to be added - I have all kinds of hooks to put on the side to hold hanging supplies, and the Sun/Moon hanger that is stuck on the shelf on the side will be hung ON the side of the upright.  The wire shelves will go bye-bye.  On the right side I will hang my stencils. 

This also opened up a ton of space on my craft table... so now I think I need to go buy more supplies.  What do you think?  LOL

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