Tuesday, May 15, 2012

quirky girl...

No, not me. Although I carry that title proudly, I mean my quirky girl canvas. Mel got me the Suzi Blu book for my birthday - Mixed Media Girls, and I attempted my first girl. I'm pretty happy with her for a first attempt - it can only get better, right? Mixed Media is so forgiving, making a mistake just means making another layer. Trust me. There are lots of layers here. ;-) And I incorporated a little bit of a 'doodle' by making her a dress! The quote is from my favorite prayer - our 11th Step Prayer, The Prayer of St Francis. I showed hb the finished canvas, and his reaction: "hmmm. she has a BIG head." It's hard trying to explain Suzi Blu to husbands. They just don't get 'quirky'.


  1. I just love your quirky girl!! How is that book?? I really want it!!!

    You ROCK!!!!!

    1. It's AWESOME. Highly recommend it. EASY to follow!!!! xoxo