Sunday, June 2, 2013

the dry spell got rained on...

six weeks.  almost 6 weeks of not picking up an art supply, except to pack them, unpack them and stare at them like they had 3 heads.

while scrolling through my newsfeed on facebook, an artist friend posted a coloring template that she was working on... and something reached out of the computer, grabbed my brain and said 'get your freaking markers and draw this'.

whatever that something was, it ascared me enough that i listened to it.

she's just beginning, but every journey begins with the first step.

adding the finished goddess...


  1. The goddess of fire and ice? It's always best to listen to the muse... especially when it shakes you like that! It's all about seasons. You've been on my mind a lot lately Sandi, I hope you are well. ((hugz))