Friday, July 5, 2013


i painted.  i started a canvas... and i was actually IN the studio, at my worktable... painting.  first time since i moved in 2-1/2 months ago.

i haven't had the mojo... but it's slowly coming back.  and tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn i will be heading to Oregon to visit my friend Mel... she is just such a bright spot of love in my life, and i'm so blessed to call her my friend.  she is an artist and we will be flinging tons of paint... and i know my creative juices will be overflowing by the time i come home. 

here's a peek at what i'm working on - the idea is an eye with dragonfly eyelashes.   i like it so far.  using the caran d'ache watercolor crayons...

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