Saturday, August 3, 2013

be very, very careful...

when you are doing art on a ledge... be careful where you step.  especially when you're me.  (the clumsy person that falls down a lot)

this ledge is next to the stairs leading down to the first level (foyer, laundry room, garage) and i have my incense burner sitting there. 

i had to buy white contact paper for another project, so a little lightbulb went off in my head and a voice said 'tigger - cover that white wood ledge with white contact paper and doodle all over it.'

so i did.

imagine the possibilities... (as i look around my townhome for places to put white contact paper...)

the entire ledge will be covered with doodles, and i plan on coloring them in with all my favorite blues/aquas/teals/greens....

i'll update when it's done!


  1. be very careful! also if you have ever used contact paper and tried to remove drywall you would never use it there again!!!

    1. good to know!! i will use it on wood only then!