Wednesday, October 2, 2013

happy accident...

when i was creating the girl with the multi-color hair, i used Dylusion spray ink to color the slips of book paper that i used to create her locks.  i used  few different colors, and spread out the pieces of paper on a random blank artist canvas panel to catch the excess spray.

and anyone who has used these most delicious sprays knows there is excess.  *hanging my head in front of my sprayed wall*

after i was done spraying i set the panel aside... planning on painting over the mishmosh of color to create a new canvas.

until i looked more closely and decided that it was pretty nice all by itself.  i thought of my goddaughter and her request for an ethereal, dreamy, pink, purple, butterfly canvas for her apartment in NYC. 

so i covered it with a thick layer of gold tinted mod podge, and while it was wet, i ran my rubber comb thingy all over it in swirly motions...

the butterflies are rubons, and then i took my tombow paint pen and made dotted swirls. 

still working on it - just tweaking here and there... happy accident. 


  1. It's amazing. And whatever you decide to do with it, it's awesome! Great happy accident! Aren't they the best?!?!

  2. It looks beautifully finished to me!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! It is turning out amazing.