Friday, June 20, 2014


to me words are an art form, just like a painting, or a sculpture or a sketch.  for whatever reason, words draw me in and have a beauty all their own.  not just what the words say, but in the font and spacing and style. 

so far all my tattoos have been words.  many people are surprised that i haven't had a dragonfly inked on my body yet.  actually so am i.  but words keep calling me...

we had a house concert here last week, the incredible amelia white and sergio webb... i had 21 bodies stuffed in here and fun was had by all ( i hope ). 

a lot of the guests commented on all the words i had around the house.  here are some (not all, believe it or not) including the art on my body...

this last shot is of my brave girls camp apron.  we were all supposed to decorate them, but i'm not into ruffles and bows and ribbons... although i can appreciate the look, it's not something i'd use.  so i chose to write my truths on it instead... and funny thing, when you put an intention into the universe, and write it down and share it... it comes true.  with the exception of a couple of things on there, i am living my intentions.  

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  1. I love words too and I have the" Dwell in Possibilities" in my studio!! I would much rather have tattooed on me special words of meaning than anything else... and I am contemplating my next one as well:) have a beautiful weekend and see you at the Beach in October!! <3