Monday, February 2, 2015


it's a new jersey themed birdhouse!  one of the greatest things about facebook (other than cute puppy pictures and recipes) is connecting with old friends that you haven't seen in a hundred years. 

that connection led to a commission, and her request was a nj theme.  born and raised here, she transplanted to texas ... omgosh, 20 some years ago at least. 

the house boasts all recycled, reused and repurposed items.  the front has a piece of a vintage map of nj, the numbers represent 3 of our major arteries through the state, the yardstick pieces on the side have town names - in fact the yardstick is so old that paterson is spelled 'patterson'.  the vent piece under the yardstick is off an antique movie projector that was made in nj.  2 license plates adorn the roof and back.  behind the secret door (not so secret with a knob and hinge) is a quote about nj. 

it was a bittersweet piece to make, since it's the last project in this studio.  next week we move, so it's now time to pack it all up! 

thank you for looking! 

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