Monday, August 17, 2015

magic patio...

if you're friends with me on facebook (and haven't hidden me for prolific idiotic posting) you've heard me talk about my magic patio.   and you've probably seen pics also - i'm in love with this area of my home and spend as much time as possible there.

sometimes jeff and i will sit for hours just talking and enjoying beautiful weather... or warm nights... or early morning tea.    it keeps me from housework, that's for sure.  i'd much rather read and pet furfaces on the magic patio.

i don't even know why i named it the magic patio.  it just named itself really.

our close friend tzveta davinci was over for a picnic this past weekend, and she took a ton of photos - she saw our magic patio through new eyes - and i guess i was just used to looking at everything and got a bit blase (make believe there's a little umlat thingymabob over the 'e' please) like blah-zay.  and then seeing tzveta's photos truly showed me that this patio and surrounding gardens really are..


tzveta davinci (isn't that a cool name?)  - learn more about her and the magic inside her at

i've been a lucky recipient of one of tzveta's spiral readings and i spent half the time having a ton of self awareness, a bunch of tears and a couple of true breakthroughs.  i highly recommend her...



  1. Love all of it! I see many things that I also have or would have in my courtyard.