Thursday, December 17, 2015

god speed my beautiful gargoyle...

we said goodbye to sabre this morning. 

she was an awesome dog, and we loved her.  these past two weeks have been almost surreal.

did someone say christmas was next week?????????

she had many good days, which made me glad we waited and her bad days were only 'quiet' days, where she didn't have the strength to walk around... she was in no pain. 

this week she had good days on monday and tuesday.  in fact, tuesday evening we were playing with her ball and she was running all over the place with her hysterical wigglebutt. 

wednesday morning she was fine, ate her breakfast as normal and went out and did her thing. 

i got home wednesday evening to find her in her 'quiet' time.  but it seemed deeper than normal.  her breathing had changed just ever so slightly.   i've been watching her so closely these past 14 days that i notice every single thing about her.  she'd been very clingy monday and tuesday, i remarked to jeff that this was unusual for her, angel is my clingy one. 

she struggled to get up and drink water, something she craved when in her quiet time.  she struggled back to her crate and promptly threw it all back up, plus some. 

and i knew it was time. 

after cleaning her up, and the crate, and laundering everything, she settled on the floor and i covered her with a warmed up quilt. 

and i sat on the floor with her for a long, long time and we talked about life and i told her she was the best girl evah and that i loved her.... over and over again.  

we called the vet as soon as they opened this morning and brought her over.   wonderful office, i highly recommend this group - they go above and beyond - every single time i've been in there.  blairstown animal hospital.

as jeff and i held her, i put my nose near hers and looked in her eyes and told her how much we loved her... over and over again...

and then she was gone. 

and a piece of my heart went with her.   but a piece of hers remains in mine forever.