Monday, April 4, 2016

dangly things...

i'm not even sure what happened but i found myself stringing a blingy dangly thing out of the 'meh' collection of beads on hand... and then hitting michaels for over $100 worth of beads...

hey they were 50% off.  totally justified.

you can find them for sale at scranberry coop - in the artisan room.

click here to read about scranberry coop

i'm also doing a handful of them as a donation to mel at internet radio as a fundraising item.

every so often i need a short break from birdhoming, or i'm waiting for paint/glue to dry... and i sit on the couch (not warm enough yet for magic patio) and bead...

except nobody warned me about the cat being very, VERY interested in said beads.

thanks a whole lot.

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