Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i am ready to restore...

Another canvas.  I'm totally addicted to these things.  It's kind of like a little scrapbook page. 

Now my problem is where to STORE all these canvases.  I have them propped up all over the studio.  And I have to move them every time I need to get BEHIND them.  <sigh>  What's a girl to DO???


  1. Clear space and put them on your walls in the studio. Rotate stuff, put some in a closet for a couple of weeks, then change out.

  2. Beautiful, Sandi! What size are these? Why not just hang them up around your home? Give them as gifts? Have a contest on your blog sometime??
    Just thoughts :) Great job!

  3. Love your canvases. You could always send them to Lincoln for storage. LOL ;)