Monday, July 25, 2011

Brave Girls Camp... PROJECTS.

Yeah. Still not THE blog post.  Patience, people, patience.

But I did want to share what I completed at Camp - since I had completed SR1 before going, I got a pass on doing my timeline this time.  So I worked on truths - something I hadn't really done in SR1.  We were also instructed to do our "dream soul house"... .

This is the cover of my "truth" book:

Some of the inside pages:

and my 'doodle' pages...

The cover of my art journal:  (one of the gals from my SR1 group sent me that face on fabric, isn't it COOL?)

and finally my "dream soul house" - on the beach, with waves and sun and sand... there is no fence around my soul house, but I am on an island, with restricted airspace.  ;-) 

I got to work with a kinds of cool media... every art supply you could ever wish for was at our fingertips...

I also did a cuff leather bracelet - taught to me by the queen of bracelets, and super gorgeous woman and brave girl staffer, Tanya.  This is Tanya:

And my bracelet - it says 'do it anyway'

So, pics have been uploaded to fb, and I'm ready to start writing the story of Camp... maybe even tonight.  Stay tuned!!!!! Thanks for looking, and remember, I heart comments.  ;-)


  1. Love the work you've done - and I ADORE your dream Soul House - with no fence and restricted airspace *giggles* It's beautiful and perfectly you! Looking forward to what you can share of your adventure!!! Til then xoxo

  2. just lovely Sandi.... your work always is... Amazing how easy it is to feel your beautifukl soul in your work. You don't just "want to create" you need to.

  3. love your blog sweetie!! How lucky you are to have gone to BGC! Love you too!

  4. Tigs, I love your pages and your doodle page is awesome!! Well done Brave Girl! Smooches!

  5. Your work is alwasy beautiful and amazing but this is just WOW! I am inspired by you. Love you!

  6. Amazing how your work continues to evolve and inspire. Simply amazing and beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous and so inspiring <3

  8. Wonderful and amazing and I LOVE your soul house. Can't wait till the pics!!

  9. You make me smile! That was my reaction to this post... a big content smile.

  10. I LOVE what you are working on here! BEAUTIFUL!