Friday, July 22, 2011

Shiny balloon....

(yeah - sorry - it's still not my Camp story - still awaiting pics)

 On the Sunday before I was leaving for Brave Girls Camp, I woke up feeling a ton of anxiety, totally ascared to death about the trip - mostly just the airport/plane thing.  I drank my coffee and decided that I needed to get OUT of my head, because my head was telling me horrible things.... so I strapped on the iPod, laced up my sneakers and hit the track. 

On my first lap, on the way up the small rise, I noticed a foil helium balloon on the ground.  It was less than half full, and it's ribbon was wrapped around one of the posts along the walkway.  It was just lying/laying in the dirt.   It was a very sad balloon.  It caught my eye because of the bright colors all shiny against the rising sun. 

I started practicing my breathing/meditation technique that my sponsor taught me the week before.  Breathing in, and saying "God In", and breathing out and saying "Fear Out".  (yes, I hyperventilated a few times before I got it right). 

Still feeling 'not right', I began my second lap. I told myself that there were 19 other women that WEREN'T freaking out like I was... and I needed to get a grip. 

As I approached the balloon again, I saw it still in the same spot on the ground... but as I walked PAST it, all of a sudden something caught my peripheral vision... and I turned my head and saw the balloon completely untangled from the post, and rising in the air... FOLLOWING ME.  It was about waist high... and it followed me up the entire rise - about 200 yards. 

At the top I rounded the corner of the track and the balloon continued straight, but rose high  up into the air, even though I did not notice any breeze...

Yeah.  I heard You.  Loud and clear... ;-)


  1. because the world agrees... and that is the most amazing thing when we are able to witness it and know it for what it is. I am so proud of you.

  2. Beautiful post. It is a privilege to be your friend and likewise, I am so very proud of you.

  3. This made me smile.... Really smile... Inside and out. Love you so much and so very very proud of you!!! <3

  4. I agree with September... this made me smile too!!! I am so proud of you ... keep on keeping on!!! You are a brave girl and you CAN do anything!!! Love you lady!!! *HUGS*