Saturday, January 21, 2012

live a life uncommon

This piece seems like it took FOREVER to finish.  I started it, painted over it, started again... layered upon layered upon layered... face shaded and gesso'd and painted and highlighted and... well, you get the idea.  This is approximately a 9x11 wood piece. 

I wasn't sure what she was saying to me.  And then, during a walk around the track, listening to my iPod... I heard the words in my ear.  live a life uncommon. 

I added touches of pink, with her lips, the butterfly... the shading around the words... and her hair is a glimmery sea of hot pink perfect pearl powder... which you can only see in the right light. 

My heart tells me this belongs to a young girl - because my greatest piece of advice that I could give someone is to live a life uncommon... and if you believe that from a young age, then your future is limitless. 

You can find her in Etsy... link to the right somewhere ------> 

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