Saturday, January 7, 2012


Congratulations Sylvia... I am banana dancing for you!
Misty Ridge said...
Ok had to think about this a while....My word is going to be Serenity. It is our first year homeschool the four children currently at home. They need peaceful hearts, I need one to maintain calm some days. I also think contentment plays into this. Learning to be content where we are.
How apropos that your comment won, and that your word is Serenity.  :-)  Please message me on facebook with your home addy and I will get your prize right out to you!!!

Thanks everyone for playing along - I LOVE comments.  I am a comment ho for sure...


  1. Congratulations Sylvia! I would love to see the lovely prize you get from Sandi.
    We all love comments Sandi, one of the things on my todo list is "Take time to leave a comment on the blogs I look at. "

  2. Just telling you I stopped by... because I know you wonder when you look at your stats. =)