Sunday, March 18, 2012

break time!

I took a short break yesterday to finish up a bunch of projects... and load some finished things into Etsy.  I did a little work on the class also, but basically now I am just waiting to video, which should be on Wednesday or Thursday...

Then I realized I hadn't updated this blog with my projects!  So here you go:
This is a 'brave' doodle I did for Mel...

This is a 'badassery' sign - it is probably one of my most favorite things I ever did.... but I really didn't need another badassery sign, so i threw it in Etsy... and it sold! 

I started this wellie wearing badass chick a long time ago and put her away... so while I tanned the tatas yesterday I colored her in... and tossed her in Etsy too.... she's still available!
And I also had a flat canvas panel sun/moon combo in the works for a while - my original is on paper, this one is slightly different, slightly smaller ... and on canvas.  Also in Etsy. 

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