Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i doodle, do you?

Hi.  My name is Sandi and I'm a Doodler. 
Hi Sandi, Welcome.  ;-)

I crack myself up.  But you guys know that.

I've been doodling in earnest for about six months.  Of course, I've doodled all my life, during school my notebooks were covered with boys names (big surprise, eh?) and swirls and squiggles... while on hold at work I draw flowers and boxes... I know I'm not alone - I'll bet a lot of you do it.  But the real 'doodle' stuff started last summer.  I grabbed a flat canvas panel, some Copics, a cup of coffee (major requirement for my doodling) and I hit my deck to draw.  That afternoon resulted in my first real art doodle...

I don't consider the flowers themselves a doodle.  It's what I did INSIDE the petals and centers - THAT is (in MY opinion) a doodle. 

I set my doodles aside for a while, and took some online classes, learning some drawing and sketching techniques.  I learned about different markers and pencils... their strengths and weaknesses, and that sometimes it's not much more than a personal opinion on what's a good tool. 

What's great about doodling is that it's a low overhead, paper and markers are all you really  need. 

One day, while taking Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love class (highly recommended - you should do it) I took a break from learning alphas, and doodled a sun in my Letter Love book.  It was a cold, dark day and I needed sun.  My doodle took on a life of it's own, and once I colored it in, it warmed me nicely. 

The sun got a lot of attention, and some queries on how I did it.  My answer was "I just doodled it."

Once I started doing this type of doodle, I couldn't stop.  A bigger sun, a sun and moon combo, an eye... and a new one that I finished tonight - stars. 

And each one garnered the same question - "how did you do that?"  And finally I asked - would you guys really want to learn it? Should I have a class?  And dang... I got a few yes's.  So keep your eyes peeled - I will be posting info on facebook/twitter/message boards, just about anywhere I can broadcast myself.  Your help in broadcasting me will help.  And I will be forever grateful.  ;-) 

I'm looking to see how much interest there is - and if you would want to take a class from me, a comment here on the blog or on facebook would lead me in the right direction.  (and as long as I don't have to make a left turn, the right direction is a good start)

I've already got video capability in the works, and ideas jotted down.  I promise you it will be very reasonably priced and fun.  I will do my best to behave, but banana dances may happen.  Tigger + Video = ???? Fill in the blank... ;-) 


  1. I too am a doodler. And a note taker. My notes will have little pictures on the sides of the page - they may or may not have anything to do with the note ON that page. They are never as decorative as yours - or as colorful. I'm interest in your class - prices, materials and time requirements will affect my participation. :-/ Can't wait to see...

  2. I would absolutely take your class! You should mention this on the freak too as there might be some interest there. Of course, you might have to say hi a time or two. ;)

  3. this is monica, by the way! :)

  4. I'd take your class Sandi! yes--I, too, doodle squares and flowers while on the phone, but those doodles haven't advanced to your doodles!

  5. Love Love!!Definitely interested.

  6. i would love a class on doodling & coloring them with primacolor markers! Right now I have been coloring in "coloring books for grown ups" but would love to sketch my own :)

  7. Hello! I love your blog!! Right now I'm looking for images for my blog and inform me what are the doodles. You have so much art!
    A greeting

    1. Hi Maria, thank you... when you say you are looking for images for your blog, do you mean you want to use my images? If so, I would ask that you credit me by name and a link to this blog. Thanks!