Wednesday, August 29, 2012

She needs a name...

YES! It's a Blog Contest.  This character that I've been drawing needs a name.  She's spunky, and quirky, and batsh!t crazy.  She knows she's fabulous.  And she knows her truths.  She is the Ultimate Brave Girl.

But she needs a name.

Post your name ideas here, or on the facebook thread, and on Monday, Labor Day, I will choose the winning name. Also please post your name and email address in the comment portion.  

The winner will get a print of the character, their choice.

Here are the 6 I've done so far... put those thinking caps on and let's GO!


  1. Fabulous Fannie, Freda, Felicia, Flora, Felicity, Faye, Febe..... :) !
    Sandi... Shoots from the Hip!
    Jersey Shore-Nuff!

    OK, I am done... for now LOL

  2. I see a Cee Cee still (say that 5 times fast!)

  3. Josephine Blanche Antoinette
    I just see her coming from the French Quarter and turning lives around (and a few heads too)
    Mary Ellen

  4. The name that keeps coming up is Stella. I love this girl of yours, Sandi!!!

    Carmen also came to mind:)

  5. Sassy Fran

    Felicity Fabulosity

    That's my 2-cents. :)


  6. She reminds me of Maude....but she definitely requires a sassy name! She comes to my mind as a Lou-Lou....feisty chick she is! ;-) Love her!!!

    Sue Hetherington

  7. Bernadette "Courage of a Bear"

  8. Vondra! - it means womanly; brave