Thursday, August 23, 2012

vermont... art inspiring.

 Just got back from 5 days in Vermont.  We stayed at two different B&B's, both very different, both incredible in their own way.  We drove up past Lake George, and cut into Vermont close by Addison, where we stayed the first two nights at the Barsen House Inn.  Daphne and Peter Jensen were incredible hosts.  A few shots of The Barsen House.

There was a dog there, her name is Addison (yes, like the town!) and she is called "Addie".  Addie was a rescue mutt, part beagle, part bassett and about 4 years old.  SO cute.  VERY shy, but Daphne assured us that she would be our best friend by the end of our stay.  And she was.  Except that Addie would forget who we were if we weren't by her side - if we left the Inn for a few hours she would act like she was meeting us for the first time.  This is Addie:

We toured around Lake Champlaign, visited Middlebury (cute shops!!) and saw Vergennes more than a few times driving through. 

We hiked Mt Philo, which kicked my arse.  I have hiked at 10,000 feet in Colorado, so I know what altitude can do to a body.   Halfway up Mt Philo I felt like I was at 10,000 feet PLUS.  When we got to the summit, we discovered that we were at... ready for it?  968 feet.  I'm sorry, WHAT? I LIVE at 1,200 feet.  And 968 kicked my butt.  LOL  My only excuse was that it was very STEEP.  Believe me?

Here are some shots from Mt. Philo:

I'm holding up the mountain.  Seriously.

On our way to the second B&B which is just outside of Woodstock, we drove to Burlington, and then to Ben & Jerry's to take the tourist tour.  LOL  It was fun, and the ice cream was amazing. 

On to Barnard, to the Maple Leaf Inn.  Nancy & Peter were our hosts, and the Inn was spectacular.  I ran out of room on my camera by that point, and didn't have a card with me.

We met a great group of people, one of the things I love best about staying at a B&B.  In fact, our last night there, 8 of us went out for dinner together.  The only downside to a self-professed cell junkie was that I had NO cell service at the B&B.  Had to go almost 10 miles before my service kicked in... egads.  Hated being out of touch! LOL

Vermont was very artist friendly.  Lots of galleries showcasing local artists, and I toured every dang one of them, getting inspired at every turn.

Vermont was very hard hit by Hurricane Irene last year, and the devastation was still very evident.  Roads still closed, covered bridges washed away... homes destroyed, businesses empty. 

On our way home we stopped in East Dorset, Vermont.  East Dorset is home to the Bill Wilson House, the co-founder of AA.  Unfortunately, the house was CLOSED to visitors that day, (just my luck!!) but I got to take some photos.  I wasn't the only disappointed person, there was a guy there in the same boat I was.  We had a chance to talk, which was nice.  After asking the info center for directions to Bill W's gravesite, we walked around the old cemetery and finally found his grave marker.  You would know it was his before even reading his name, because of all the coins and pins left there... and I proudly added my latest 3 year coin. 

Very emotional and moving.  I said my silent thank you... 

My coin is the second from left. :-)  
NOW - more about ART.  So inspired, and so thankful that I brought my art journal with me - and that I had done a bit of prep work prior... some of these are still a W.I.P. (work in progress). 

Just started doing the watercolors on this one.

Still need to add color to this one.

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  1. Brings tears to my eyes that you left your very blingy and I know treasured 3 year coin there. <3 so amazed by you, every day. Keep flying sweet girl. Love you.