Saturday, November 12, 2011

now, gifts DON'T stress me out...

Nor do things I put up for sale. So these projects were so fun... and heartwarming too.

The first is the canvas I did at the beach, I finally gave her words. I am so addicted to this metallic blue and green paint.

I like her. She's going into Etsy.

Now, the second one I just finished is a gift. One of the girls I work with lost her mother-in-law a couple of weeks ago. I have fond memories of this woman, at my co-worker's wedding many years ago, she taught me to do the Electric Slide. I think I frustrated her beyond belief. She had more rhythm in her little finger than I do in my entire body. But she never gave up, and wouldn't let me get off the dance floor. After she passed, my co-worker brought in the little pamphlet that they had made up - all about her mother-in-law with photos and stories. On the back was a poem. It said "her favorite poem" and it was BEAUTIFUL. No title. I googled the poem because it just spoke to me so clearly... and I couldn't find it. When I asked, I was told the she had written it herself...

So I decided to make a canvas and use this poem and give it to them as a gift.

Now, back to the studio! Time to make Christmas gifts...


  1. Beautiful work! HI!! Just wanted to give one of my BG some love!

  2. absolutely gorgeous! I love that poem and your co-worker is going to flip over what you've created it with it. simply beautiful.
    Love your work and love you!!