Sunday, November 13, 2011

See? I CAN be productive...

when I wanna be. 

This angel she-art is a gift - friends of ours have a Christmas party every year - we've rarely missed one in the past 15 or so...  and she collects angels.  Prior to discovering I like to craft, I bought her an angel each year.  Since discovering the joy of getting my hands inky and grungy, she gets a handmade angel.

Not sure what I'll do if she decides to collect something I can't make.  Like glass bottles or knitted items. 

And p.s. - if anyone wants my stash of gold leaf, come get it.


  1. I'll be over in a bit to get the gold leaf!! LOL!
    She's beautiful, just like you!

  2. Your friend will love it...she's so purty :)
    Maybe I will be productive today and get some Christmas presents made too.

  3. Wow she is gorgeous Sandi. Just love her wings and dress!!!