Saturday, November 5, 2011


trying to enjoy the signs of fall - even though it means winter is right around the corner... and that is my most sad time of year. Winter means cold, snow, ice... it means no walks at the park track, it means driving in weather that I would prefer not to drive in (and most of the other drivers on the road would prefer that also, trust me)... it means dreaded holidays, and decorating...

my heart holds no true love for winter. for the next too many months my feet won't be bare or in flipflops, my tatas won't be tanning on my deck... my lounge chair tucked away and covered in snow... no warm summer nights... no hot summer days.

but enough of that. i needed to go outside and grasp the beauty of the season, and ignore my heart that is screaming for summer.

so i learned a lesson from melody ross - i took my camera and went OUTSIDE and found beauty. it may not be the kind of beauty i would normally seek, but even i have to admit my deck held some cool stuff, worthy of a photo.


  1. Oh I love your crystal dragon fly!! I know how yu feel about the approach of winter. There's a lot of positives too! I'm trying to think positive about Autumn .... crispy leaves, red, gold and brown colours on the leaves. Snuggling by the fire with a hot cup of cinnamon apple juice or mulled wine. Cooking a warming casserole with chunky roasted veg.... Wrapping up in my favourite warm jacket and scarf.