Friday, June 22, 2012

cry harder...

one of the lessons I learned at Brave Girls Camp last year  (OMGosh, it's been almost a YEAR) was 'cry harder'.  I am not a crier.  I learned to suppress tears when my dad died.  It's rare that I cry, and it's rarer that someone SEES me cry.  I cry INSIDE. 

At Camp, the Red Carpet can become quite emotional... and many of us cry.  And what's the first thing we always DO when we cry? We say "I'm sorry"... "I don't know what's come over me"... and the staffers response?  CRY HARDER.  It's quite freeing...

I'm still not a crier.... but when the tears DO strike, I let myself cry harder.  My art journal pages this week aren't 100% complete... but I thought I'd share anyway.  The first is my little birdie... with cry harder:

the next one is very close to my heart -  those that know me through the program know that my favorite prayer is the St Francis Prayer - our 11th Step Prayer.  I was playing with Tar Gel, drizzling it onto my page, then coloring in the loops with my markers... and I decided the prayer would be what filled the colors...

Tar Gel is fun to work with. 

The next one is a bit quirky - I sprayed my Dylusions and walked away.  When I came back I looked at it, and saw faces.  So I outlined the faces... and unfortunately I ascared myself... so that was my  journaling. 

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