Saturday, June 2, 2012

just me...

I am an artist.

I am right brained.

I am filled with creativity, yearning, passion and a love of color and beauty.

My mind works differently than a left brained person. I see numbers and start twitching. The only numbers I care about are the ones I can draw.

I have nothing against left brained people. The world needs them in order to survive. They are logical and think things through before jumping in.

I jump without thinking.

If there is a blank canvas in front of me, my inner artist jumps for joy and splashes paint everywhere...

I think if I cut myself I would bleed ink and paint... and perhaps a nice gel medium. Matte finish of course.

My eyes see art in everything. I look at a person and think about how I would shade their face if I drew them. I see the color of their shirt and wonder which ink would be the best match for it.

I stand in the art supply aisles and stare... taking in all the wonderful tools and thinking about how I would use each one.

I speak in a different language to other artists - that of finishes and colors, of masks and textures, of balance and beauty...

I am passionate about life. I am passionate about love. I am passionate about art.

My sobriety gave me the opportunity to grow. My Higher Power took away my fear of exploring a creative life. And in turn, has opened a door into a world filled with such incredible beauty that it almost takes my breath away on a daily basis.

If you are lucky enough to have an artist in your life, embrace them. Love them. Smile at them when they disappear into their own heads... because you know they are dreaming of their next creation. When they are excited and happy, be happy and excited with them. When they are down and discouraged... push them into their studio. For it is there that they will find the peace and the sanctuary that they crave.


  1. Beautiful....just beautiful! And I have discovered this over the last year :)

  2. Sandi~ You and I are so much alike :) The tattoo on my foot even reads ~Passion~ !!! Have a beautiful creative day!

  3. Yes I discovered YEARS ago that to deny my creative side is literally enough to drive me bonkers. A good friend said that God put it in me and it needed an outlet. I've had to find shorter projects in a house full of kids, but still I have projects. :-)

  4. LOVE IT!! LOVE YOU!!! so beautiful!!