Monday, June 11, 2012

I Doodle Too, Two, 2!

Coming soon... I Doodle Too, Two, 2! Why the funny name? Well, the 'too' is because if you've taken 'I Doodle, Do You?' then you are doodling 'too'.  The 'Two' is because it's the second of my online classes.  And the '2' is because we'll be covering 2 different things in this new class.

We're going to learn how to incorporate our doodles into and onto other things like canvases and canvas panels.  We're also going to learn how to bring the doodle into our art journaling, so we'll be doing some backgrounds.  And an eyeball will probably be making it's way into it also... ;-)

Let's take the Doodle to a whole new... level.  :-)


  1. Looking forward to it!!!!! I'm in line already :)

  2. Where is the link to sign up? Or do we use the same one?

    1. Sylvia - I don't have the button on yet - since I don't even have a start date chosen... I'll keep you all posted!