Monday, September 3, 2012


Doing a large scale canvas for the first time is challenging.  It mocked me for a couple of weeks - blank and white and staring at me.  I'd put it on my table and stare back at it.  And then I'd put it back behind the door where it couldn't look at me.

But yesterday I finally decided it was time.  I knew what I wanted to create - a she-art girl.  She-Art girls make me happy.  They make me smile.  They are whimsical and kind.  They have happy hearts.  I wanted a big-arse She-Art girl. 

Quite some time ago I had fabric made from my doodle canvas. does an amazing job.  I ordered a fat quarter of the fabric and it's been kept  in a safe place for well over a year.  In fact, it was so safe I couldn't find it.  It was lost in the bowels of my storage dresser. 

Found it a few weeks ago and knew that it was time to actually take a scissor to it and MAKE something with it.  Voila.  She-Art dress. 

She is still morphing, and still needs to tell me her words.  But I like her.  This is a 16" x 20" stretched canvas.  WAY fun to work with.  No more mocking.  I will post the finished version as soon as it's done. 

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