Sunday, September 9, 2012

Whip Tutorial

No, not that kind of WHIP.  Behave.

Sorry the music cuts out about 3 minutes in, and then reappears around 7 minutes, cuts out at again at 10.  One of these days I'll get it.  One of these days.

Materials used:

Face is drawn on vellum. I used clear gesso to seal it, cut it out and adhered it to a canvas panel using Pam Carriker's Mixed Media Adhesive (God's gift to collagers). Face was 'painted' using watercolor crayons - and spread with my finger using white gesso. I have a piece of material wrapped around my finger. I've used many different materials - the one in the video is a felt-like material. I've used micro-fibers and cottons with the same results. To me, the thicker the better so that my finger doesn't get completely gopped up too quickly. For the finer details I used watercolor pencils with water. The background is watercolor crayons and water. I keep my brush fairly dry when I work with crayons. The color is more vibrant.

The hair is cut from a package of 'document copies' that I picked up at a garage sale for a quarter. I cut different lengths and curves. I punched out dragonflies from scrapbook paper. Before doing the hair, hit the background and face with clear gesso or a matte medium. Adhered hair down with the MM Adhesive. Drew outlines on the hair and dragonfly wings with an artists pen. Painted the edges of the canvas with regular acrylic paint. Adhered a flower arrangement on her neck and in her hair with the MM Adhesive.


  1. thanks for sharing was that a tissue you used with the white paint over the acrylic crayon huny ?
    I didn't catch all the products you used you were a weee be fast for me :O)

    1. LOL Sorry! That was a piece of material - felt-like. Any material will work - I've used microfiber, cotton... I will up date the blog post with supplies...

  2. Sandi this is super fantastic. I want to get me some of those crayons. i love your technique of using your finger cwith the gesso over crayons. xoxo

  3. WOW you make it look soooo easy!! Great job :)
    MY boy was dancing to the music :)

  4. I LIKE IT... and YOU wear it so well!! So glad you enjoy the dragonfly bracelet Sandi!!! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. love this, thank you for sharing.... just love your art...