Friday, March 8, 2013

5th time's the charm...

a few weeks ago i started a commissioned canvas for a girl i went to high school with.  it was to be a gift from her son to her daughter at the daughter's wedding shower next month. 

Simple enough, Sharon let me know the colors 'burgundy, but not red burgundy, white and black'; and the quote 'i found the one whom my soul loves' and that she wanted the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date on there. 

Got it.

Did one 25% of the way and hated it. scrapped it.
Did one 50% of the way and screwed up the modeling paste and made a mess.  scrapped it. 
Did one 50% of the way and screwed up the paint and made a mess. scrapped it.
Did one 100% of the way and hated it.  hated the color of burgundy even though it was my 2nd try at burgundy.  scrapped it.

Contacted Sharon and told her of my issues - and told her I just couldn't get the right shade of burgundy and it was throwing me in to a tizzy.

So I mixed the burgundy I had on hand with some purple, took a fresh canvas and a brush and just swiped the color quickly over the canvas to see the shade.

Not bad.  I showed Sharon.  She said "That's IT!"

ok then.  from that moment on it all came together in a whirlwind.

and this is the result.

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