Tuesday, March 19, 2013

wanna be.

it's no secret that i am a doodler - i mean, after all, that's what got me teaching, the love of mindlessly letting my pen track it's way around a piece of paper.

there are hundreds, if not thousands, of doodle classes online. (mine is the best, but i'm biased)  Zentangle has been the 'thing' for a while now, and i love the look of it. 

but i'm lazy.  i am the laziest tigger you will ever meet.  instead of taking a zentangle class, and there are free ones all over, i will google zentangle images and just try to replicate the technique.  LOL 

i give zentangle artists all the credit in the world - it's truly an art, and maybe someday i'll actually learn how to do it.  until then, i just play.

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