Tuesday, March 12, 2013

wanna see my pears?

<chuckling at myself>

I took a freebie art class at our public library this past weekend.  A local artist, Pam Jones, was teaching pencil techniques. 

She is one amazing pencil artist - her work looks like photographs!! I wish she had a website that I could link to show you all.

I learned the very basics some time ago from Suzi Blu - in an online course.  So I'd done the value scale, and shading in the circle so that it looked like a ball... but it was great to do it again with a live teacher in front of me, guiding my journey.

Then she taught us how to use a grid to enlarge and copy another image.  This was ok... not my cup of tea and probably won't do that again.

THEN she showed us how to take an image, like a photograph - and make your own by making your own carbon paper.  THAT was cool. 

She made it so simple that even I could draw pears. 

These aren't done.  In fact, since Sunday I've done quite a bit more shading but my tummy hurts and I'm whiny and lazy and don't want to photograph them again.  ;-) 

But here's my pears...

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