Sunday, March 17, 2013

secrets... and 'the MAN'.

i have a dirty little secret.  in my studio (which is my spare bedroom), my table is constructed OVER the twin bed.  this way, if overnight company arrives, the table can be dismantled easily to accommodate them.

let it be said, while this has happened, i am curled up in a fetal position in the corner of the room... not only because for a day or two i will be losing my studio, but because the 'storage area' under the table, on top of the bed will be shown.

this morning i decided to tackle the underneefy bits of this studio.  the down and dirty, the toss underneath the tablecloth, the cast aside canvases, papers... half finished projects... the supplies i think i may need someday... the scrapbook paper that i cart down from my attic paper rack, and never seem to be able to bring back up again... my vestiges of various Michael's trips, bags of 'things' i get on sale...

it's amazing how much you can store on top of a twin bed when it's completely hidden from view.

this is what my table usually looks like - you can see the vinyl tablecloth that protects the table top, and provides me with hidden storage.

so while i'm underneath the tablecloth just now, i pulled out a project that i did a couple of years ago. 

those that have known me for a while know that i am obsessed and in love with tim holtz.  he knows this, and i believe any restraining orders have been lifted at this point.  ;-)  I JEST. 

we've been friends for many, many years.  from the very first email volley between us back in 2005, i've never gotten rid of any words he's written me. 

i chose a few of the most endearing sentences, and printed them out.  glued them (using ranger glossy accents of course) to ranger fragments.  (in fact, i ran out of fragments halfway thru and mario came to the rescue... love my mario as much as my tim)

it's kind of like my shrine to 'da man'.  my first art crush, and one hell of a nice guy.  he's put up with me all these years, he MUST be a nice guy. 

his fame has grown, but his humility and grace remains the same as they always were. 

so - why is this piece of art hidden under the tablecloth?

NO clue.  but it won't go back under there.  :-)


  1. That needs to hang prominently in your studio.....NOW!!!! That's wonderful!! He must be wonderful!! I love his products!