Friday, March 8, 2013


the past few weeks have been a barrage of GodWinks (what some might call coincidences) about relationships and expectations and empathy and sympathy, love and Higher Powers... many discussions in private groups on facebook about life and love and turning your will and life over.

the other morning i was drying my hair and words started flying at me in my brain.  it was freaky and almost ascary - i couldn't stop them, i could actually SEE them.  (it was a typewriter font, in case you were wondering)

i had to put down the dryer and get them written down.  i can tell you that these words came to me from a power higher than myself - and make me shiver and cry in a good way every time i read them.

i asked my friend cary if she could meld a photo with the words and she did... and i am grateful.

it's all about the steps - the steps that saved me.


  1. What can one say to such powerful words....every single one of these words holds so much power, grace, humility, and yes, fear. But they also hold soooo much love <3

  2. unbelievably's really from the heart....Sandi, you have a gift.... <3

  3. Wow Sandi, this is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. She is so loving full of grace & your words just moved me, they made me think of fear, & honesty & as you stated "fate". Thanks for sharing your beautiful art with us. You are quite something Ms. Sandi!

  4. Purty purty Sandi! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!!