Tuesday, March 19, 2013

sick of me yet?

this is what happens when I'm off of work, home alone, weather stinks, blah blah blah...

threw together a quickie - sometimes the quickies are the most fun.  ;-)  this is a 5x7 canvas panel.  I tinted modeling paste with some cheap acrylic paint - turquoise.  spread it on like buttering bread... let it dry. 

some white gesso in a stencil, and some Dylusions spray...

I drew a quick silhouette and cut her out of black paper, glued her down, glued down the quote which came off of a card given to me on my celebration last year. 

Her hair is all Stickles.  Gives that shot of bling to an otherwise muted canvas...

since i know my sponsor doesn't haunt my blog (i'm not sure why, everybody should) i can tell you all that I'm giving it to her for her celebration this week. 

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