Sunday, March 24, 2013

anais nin... and angelic flight.

what do they have to do with each other? nothing, really - except that was what my art was about yesterday.

Angelic Flight was another doodle piece... i never know where a piece is going when i start to doodle it -but this one quickly became angel's wings in it's early stages, so i added a head and body...

Anais Nin... what can I say... this quote resonated deeply with me.  I've done a lot of harm to myself by putting up layers of shielding around my heart and soul, and have begun the process of peeling... and healing.  it's going to be  a long... hard... journey.  but i am going to relish every moment. 

this is a 10x10 canvas, the background was done entirely by hand, no brushes, acrylic and ink.  the bud is watercolors, watercolor crayons... this was a fun, messy piece - i'm including a shot of my hands as I did the background. 

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